Thursday, October 05, 2006

TRUTH - as ordered by xavier. (most embarassing oral sex moment)

i was standing there with his dick in my hand and i was still unsure of how that shit got there.

i mentally started backtracking my steps, rewinding the moments back to when i saw him earlier that day. he'd met me outside of my 2 p.m. biology class. at first i thought he was there waiting on someone else. i mean, he was one of the most appealing brothas on campus and while i'd had my own stable of admirers, he was a cut above. 6'3, 230, a body carved straight out of the mold of an african warrior with skin dark like special and the whitest teeth i think i'd ever seen on a human being.

and he was waiting there at the entrance of my class. for me.

"hey nikki," he said as i walked up to him.

"hey wayne," i replied as cool as i please. i had to play off the nervousness even though everything in me was shivering, right down to my liver.

"can i walk you to your next class?"



so we're walking and i'm looking at him on the sly, greedily stealing pieces of his form to store away in my mind for those days when i was starved and needed to feast on a bit of perfection. no doubt, this cat was all that and a bag of chips. broad chest covered in a cotton shirt and jeans that looked like the materials had been created for the priviledge of laying just so across his legs and ass.

was there any doubt in my mind we were gonna be fucking? none, folk. none.

and yet i never imagined he'd have his dick in my hand roughly seven hours later.

we hadn't spoken much during the walk to class, mainly small talk about the weather and such. it was obvious he was rather challenged in the mental department, which unfortunately wasn't a rare affliction for football players at famu. but shit, i was young and shallow and really didn't give a shit about his conversation. it was just nice being escorted across campus by one of the most sought after brothas there. i was wearing him like ice, flaunting him in front of the females like he was ten carat, waiting for the sistas to oooh and aaah and whisper among themselves about how big and flawless that diamond was on my arm.

yeah, was that ridiculous.

anyway, so after he walked me to class i didn't see him again until later that evening. it was about 9 p.m. and i was in one of the male dorm lobbies playing spades with friends. he walked up to me, cutting through the crowd standing around us with the ease of a confident brotha parting the legs of his lady. i looked up and saw him checking me and not paying attention to the table, promptly proceeded to renege.

"hol up nikki," one of my opponents said from my right, "you reneged."

i came to attention then, looked at my partner who was looking at me like we were runaway slaves bout ta get caught by de massa, even as she slid the offending book among the other's we had.

"nigga please," i responded derisively, "you know good and damn well i didn't renege. you just pissed cuz we whupping on dat ass."

he rolled his eyes, then reached over in my partner's direction, ready to flip over the book that would catch me in my lie.

"teresa switched the books, man," wayne said from where he was standing, "it's not that's the third one from the right."

dude looked at him.

"thanks, man"

then he flipped it over.

it was the wrong book.

"DAMN!" he exclaimed, "that ain't the fucking book dawg!"

wayne looked perplexed as he responded.

"hey, i'm sorry man. my bad."

dude was pissed. he and his partner start arguing and i'm snickering as i gather the cards and start shuffling them. i make a quick glance in wayne's direction and he slowly winks at me. oh...i see...

i grinned.

played his boy so he could have better access to the pussy...shit, i wasn't mad at it.

"kim," i said to the girl standing behind me, "finish my hand for me aiight?"

i paid no attention to the people at the table as they made comments about me leaving. wayne turned, parting the crowd again as i walked behind him. we stepped out into the darkness outside and kept walking with no destination in mind. or so i thought. again, not much conversation. i can't even remember what we talked about but i'm sure it was something inane cuz really...wayne was not a bright bulb.

looking back on the moment i remember not even being aware we were at the racketball courts until he had me pinned up against the wall and was kissing me like he wanted to lick from the inside out. the lighting was dim except for the lone street light casting a weak ray of light onto the space from about fifty yards away. his body was flush against mine and his dick was erect and pressed against me, tenting his pants. we were kissing feverishly, running our hands over each other like water, making sure to touch upon every inch of each other as we kneaded and grasped and squeezed and pinched and caressed each other for what seemed like hours but was really only minutes. my head was spinning and he wasn't letting me come up for air so i broke off the kiss with a gasp.

and that's when i noticed i was holding his dick in my hand. how it got there i have no idea. i'm sure brothas got the manual on how to get a sista to hold his dick without her knowing until it's too late. it was like *poof* and his dick magically appeared in my hand. i wonder if that's how cop.per.field did it.

anyway, so now that the dick is in my hand i'm trying to decide what i should do with it. meanwhile, he let me know what he wanted me to do when he placed his hands behind my head and started shoving it towards his crotch. looking back on it, dude was crude. that was an amateur move right there. the key to getting a woman to suck a man's dick is to be slick about it. i mean, it should be like she wakes up with a dick in her mouth and she has no choice but to suck it or she's looking for a piece of candy to suck and brotha sticks his dick in her mouth and she's like "oh...i get it..." or he disguises the dick, sticking it in the hot dog bun and placing it in her hand like "here's lunch" or something. but pushing the head to the crotch? not a good look and it's success rate is about 5%.

so count me among the 5% of the females who fell for that shit. was it because he was one of the most popular guys on campus and i felt honored just to suck his dick? i'm sure that was part of it. was it because i felt obligated cuz i'd gotten him all horny and i knew i wasn't gonna fuck him that night? i'm sure that had something to do with it, too. however, the main reason was cuz i wanted to suck his dick, plain and simple, cuz as i stared down at it, it was just damn beautiful. long and thick and dark...

so i got down on my knees...

"spread your legs a little, boo." i whispered to him. he turned so that he was leaning against the wall before spreading them. i turned with him and then bent under him so that my face was underneath his scrotum. then i licked that sensitive spot located where the sac is attached, right before the crack of his ass begins.

i heard a soft whimper, kinda like a wounded dog. i glanced up as his silhouette, wondering if that noise had come from him. his eyes were closed and his face was painted in both exstacy and agony. he said nothing.

i continued with the assault.

i grabbed his asscheeks and pulled my face in closer, taking one ball in my mouth, then both, sucking them gently and humming, running my tongue around them thoroughly as his dick flexed and began slapping me in the face. he's groaning, damn near growling and i haven't even taking the dick in my mouth yet. i work up to it, kneading his ass with my hands as i licked every inch of skin directly surrounding the dick, every so often i would grab hold of the tip of his dick with my mouth and run my tongue quickly across the head.

by the time i finally took his dick into my mouth, his hips were humping frantically, trying to ram it down my throat. i damn near choked on it. i quickly leaned back.

"boo, you gonna kill me if you keep stabbing my mouth like that."

his breath was labored as he peered down at me.

"oh," he breathed, "my bad."

i went back to work.

i slowly engulf his dick, getting my throat prepared so i wouldn't gag as i took him down to the hilt.

i heard the whimper again. it sounded like a dying dog or something, high and squeaky. wayne's legs started trembling around me. i meticulously started devouring his dick, licking it and sucking it and caressing it. shit, i was worshipping that fucking dick. i was so into what i was doing i didn't notice the noises he was making until right before he was about to cum. i felt the rush of the cum so i quickly took him all in and waited for the cum to hit my throat before i swallowed it, sucking it hard and squeezing the base and his balls with my hands as he basically started screaming like a bitch getting stabbed or something. it was this loud keening screetch coupled with injured dog noises that went on and on for what seemed like minutes but really was just under a minute, like it was a woman AND her dog getting stabbed up multiple times. it scared the SHIT out of me.

and he was LOUD. i basically swallowed, jumped up and looked around me quickly, cuz surely somebody heard this dude. he was looking at me with his face twisted in that way a brotha's face twists when he just had the life sucked out of him. i was looking at him with my face twisted in that way a sista's face twists when she just had the life scared out of her. after an akward moment or two he stuffs his dick back into his pants. while he's doing so, i'm staring at his 6'3, 230 pound african warrior's body and wondering how the hell he could sound like a 5'0, 120 woman and her little poodle being chased by a killer when he cums.

as we walked back to the dorm in complete silence i wonder if maybe i imagined it. then i stole a look at him and saw his embarrassment and knew i hadn't. so then the next question became "is this a deal breaker?"

uh, i found out the answer about a week later.

come ON. dude was still fine as shit and that dick was HUGE and he knew how to USE IT. how i look turning him away just cuz he sounded like a little bitch when he came?

cuz he DAMN sure didn't fuck like one.