Thursday, October 26, 2006

thankful thursday

what a great/sad week this has been. it seems like everything i say and do is tinged with sadness right now. i guess it'll be this way for a while. i just can't see myself getting giddy while my granny suffers. anyway, onto my thankful thursday.

i am thankful for all of the love and support i've gotten from all of my blogger fam during this rough patch in my life. from the emails to the im conversations to the e-cards, i am reassured each day of just how wonderful humanity really is. i tend to get cynical at times and think that compassionate people are rare. however, all i have to do is come to my blog and soak in the support of my blog fam...most of whom i've never even met in person, and i see that people have the capacity to sincerely care for their fellow human beings.

i am thankful for aswad, who continues to hold up during the stress because his presence is the reason why things aren't nearly as hectic as they could be. i reap the seeds of your wisdom daily. your unconditional love and spiritual strength saves me, especially on those days when i'm too depressed to save myself. i thank god for you and will continue to do so until my last breath.

i am thankful for my parents, who regardless of their struggles have never wavered in their love for me and their support in my endeavors.

i am thankful for the strength of mind and wisdom i've been blessed with to assist me in my journey right now.

i am thankful for the blaquescribers for their positive encouragement in all creative endeavors and beyond. special shout out to dp who makes a point of checking up on my ass every single day.

i am thankful to god for giving me this time to reflect on the impact my granny has had on my life.

i am thankful to jerome for your words yesterday. you reminded me just how essential our friendship is to you AND me. your courage in expressing yourself to me in such a way as to expose your vulnerability was moving and left me in awe of your eloquence. your constancy is comforting and completing and lets me know how right i was to place my faith and trust in you. we have a spiritual and creative connection i hope we will both be able to cultivate to its fullest.

i am thankful to amadeo for always finding a way to make me laugh (and uh, i'm kicking your ASS this weekend in ff. RECOGNIZE). you are my brother-in-arms.

i am thankful to have guided me with your words, held me up with your encouragement, and comforted me as i wept. i can't thank you enough for all you have done for me.

i am thankful to reflect so much of me and i of you. our struggles right now are similar in alot of ways. wierd how we became friends, but i'm damn sure glad we did. folk enter and exit our lives for a reason and you have showed me with your humor and insight why you have entered mine.

i am thankful for the life i've been blessed with receiving. i will do my best to use this gift to the best of my abilities.

i am thankful for my imagination and love for words and music. these three things are infused within me and are just as essential to me living as air.

oh, and i'm thankful for air. LOL