Friday, October 06, 2006

TRUTH - as ordered by royce's daughter, miss ahmad, and ladynay...

royce's daughter's question: TRUTH? Ok so if you had to hook up two bloggers (to go out on a date together) any two at all... who would they be and why? I don't know where I got that one from LOL!!

i'd put you with ironmunki, cuz i've noticed you both are similar in alot of ways. you're both insightful and instrospective and creative and ridiculously talented. you two would at the very least have a mentally stimulating evening. it's obvious you both have an appreciation for the way each other's mind works and you love each other's writing. that's a start.

miss ahmad's question: Truth, do you believe in love at first sight. The kind of love that movies are written about, and Poets lament on. Real love, that happens in an instants?

i believe in want at first sight. i believe a person has in her mind the ideal mate for her, so when she sees that physically ideal brotha before her, she adds all the other mental attributes to the mix without talking to him first for confirmation, so in the end she's 'in love' with a fantasy cuz really, she don't know that cat. she wants him to be that cat who has all she wants in a man, though.

i think a person can be struck into lust with one look, but real love? until there's a meeting of the minds, i don't see it.

ladynay's question: For u, Truth. I didn't read the previous comments so forgive me if it's repeated...Have you been married before? You use so many analogies I am not really sure. LOL


aiight, you gotta post a photo of you and a chick you have a crush on presently.

josie has requested a truth:

hmmm...what is the worst heartbreak you've ever experienced and who was the one who orchestrated it? details requested please.

if you would like me to give you a truth or dare, let me know in the comment section and i will accomodate to the best of my ability.