Monday, June 19, 2006


man, this was one of those weekends that make a sista go "what the fuck am i doing here dealing with this?"

not much to offer in the form of an entry other than to say i've been preoccupied. i figure i'll spend the next day catching up on the blogs i've been missing out on.

love life is in disarray (wait...that'd mean i have a love life, which i don't.)

job is getting on my last nerve and i want that mothafucka to get the fuck OFFA it.

my mom read a couple of the entries i wrote about her. i'm sure she skipped over the part where i was talking about how horny i was (am), but she enjoyed the rest of it.

ever notice how when you finally get over a person they're suddenly unappealing in almost every way? like "i was nose open over him? what the fuck was i thinking?!?"

do you ever find yourself wishing you could be with someone you know isn't right for you? what's worse is that your brain is working overtime trying to justify the differences between you two, as though the fact that you're an atheist and he's a devout christian is but a small hurdle in the road to love.

was it just me or has dwayne wade now firmly established himself as one of the elite players in the nba? i mean, every now and again i blinked and it was like i was watching jordan from the early 90s. wade is fucking CARRYING that team.

how come professional players who leave atlanta end up playing like beasts somewhere else? jason terry was here for five years and the guy was barely average. now he's with dallas showing his ASS. i told my brother last night it's cuz atlanta's a vampire city. it sucks the talent out of everybody here. expect michael vick to feel the prick in the next couple of years.

where the fuck is shaq? oh yeah, he's that big body in the paint not doing shit. i tell you, if you take away his past glory nobody would even be mentioning his name in this series. they're barely saying a word about him as it is.

why are people on espn wondering whether or not phil mickelson choked? HELL YEAH he choked. he choked like a girl deep throating for the first time.

how many white men were pissed off at that negro tiger for not making the cut in the u.s. open? i bet if they could have gotten away with it, tiger's ass would have been lynched.

i don't want the u.s. to win the world cup. it'd be like a swedish team coming here and winning the super bowl. really, america as a whole don't give a shit about soccer, so why should we win the world championship in the sport? oh yeah, so we can tell the world "we're number one in a sport you people treasure and we think is shit. if that doesn't prove to you we're the best country to ever exist, i don't know what does."

ever be around someone who initially you thought was an idiot and then a couple of months down the road you be like "you know, i could fuck him for real..."...then again, we've all fucked idiots. if you've fucked me, you've fucked one.

ever develop a blog crush based simply on someone's writing even though you've never seen a photo of that person nor spoken to him or her via aim or yahoo or gtalk (that gtalk is the shit y'all)?

i can now officially say that i've had poetry written for me. this, when two months ago i said i hadn't had poetry written about me since i was a kid. good looking out, brothas.

how can you possibly have a decent conversation with someone who regularly has three or more im chats (and a phone conversation) going on at the same time? that's can't.

here's a clue. if you start getting a bunch of monosyllabic responses during your "conversation" with someone online, he or she is not paying attention to yo ass. you are not a priority. do what you gotta do with that bit of information.

i'm gonna make myself keep this blog candid even though i know my mom is gonna start reading it regularly. man, this is gonna really show me just how far i'm willing to go knowing fam is watching.

anyone check out lemans? i did, and it's not nearly as boring as the concept of a bunch of cars driving around an 8.5 mile road course for 24 hours would suggest. then again, anything was better than having to attend a wedding i didn't want to go to, so thank you speedvision!

my pride is a wonderful/terrible thing. wonderful in that it protects me from being hurt again and terrible because it is preventing me from loving again.

got into a heated argument with my dad on father's day. turns out he would prefer i vote democrat even when they haven't done shit for black folk in decades. actually got pissed when i told him clinton didn't give a shit about black folk. when will people understand that as long as we're convinced we have no choice we'll continue voting for people who ain't gonna do shit for us?

shit...this ended up being some random shit. oh well...