Thursday, June 29, 2006

this is very necessary

check this out. a response in her domain, which makes sense because it's her spot. thought it was important i post the link so you can know she didn't take the coward's route by not responding at all.

this isn't to say that her response is any less ignorant than the one she posted here, but it's all good. i appreciate her right to an opinion even if it's garbage. ;)

miss ann thrope's
eloquent response to my response (written in what i take to be a 'bitter bitch ranting on her blog' type language)

btw...she doesn't allow comments on her shit. you gotta email her. what kind of shit is that?

Edit: i have been told by one of her regular posters that she allows comment, so i take back what i said.

all of this said...i won't be commenting on what she said. the way i see it, she's made her point known. she's adamant about it which means any attempt at discourse would be a wasted effort.

sooooo...moving along...