Thursday, June 08, 2006

what do you wanna know?

yes, this is a deliberate attempt at delaying my final entry about 'the roots' concert. my mind has been on other things and i can't summon the words i need to get it together.

so here is me being obvious. i'm buying me some time and making you work at the same time! that's almost the perfect scenario as far as i'm concerned. the only that'd make it better is if i found a way to get you to pay my bills and other 'services'. :)

aiight, here's the deal. what do you wanna know about me? you know i will be honest with my answers. so honest i'll probably be cringing as i type out the answer. that's aiight, though. this is the year to put it out there.

think about the questions, though. i mean, i don't want one of the simple ones like "what's your favorite color?" (that's celadon, by the way...)

i want the kind of questions that will make me think and perhaps hesitate before answering it because i'm like "DAMN...why he/she ask me THAT?"

i'll answer the questions in the comment section. haloscan ROCKS!

i'm ready. set? GO.