Friday, June 23, 2006

get over it.

sistas, how many times have you heard stuff like this?

"men don't talk to other men about stuff like that. you women share too much with each other."

"men don't back-stab their friends like you women do."

"men know how to keep friendships drama-free."

yes. men are so much more evolved than women are.

for example, here in blogland, women read and comment on the blogs of other women all of the time. it's like natural. it's the sharing of experiences, knowledge, triumphs, failures, happiness, sorrow, etc. we're so barbaric.

meanwhile, the more evolved of the species, the men...why, they don't bother to comment on the blogs of other men (for the most part). if i see a high number of men commenting on a man's blog it's safe to say that guy is gay. no, i'm not assuming this because only gay men reply to the blogs of other men. i'm saying this because gay men don't mind sharing their thoughts with other men and that shit shouldn't be patented to them.

see, i know why you heterosexual men don't comment on the blogs of other men. some of you think it might make you look gay. others think it might make you look as though you're jocking the brotha and that's DEFINITELY not a good look to you. still others kinda like the idea of no man ever cracking the walls of their fortress by commenting on their blogs. i mean after all, it's really all about being appealing to the women, is it not?

let's not fool ourselves. most of you guys created these blogs so you can get the women all on your nutsacks. you want the attention and you don't want that shit split by having another man in the mix. you ain't gonna comment on another guy's blog if you think he might end up commenting on yours. i mean, why would you want the interesting guy to comment on your shit? he might end up taking your adoring fans away from you.

and we can't have that, right? i mean, your fragile hold on those women is easily threatened by the appearance of a guy who is just as cute if not cuter than you. keep it female and those sistas might never guess just how average you really are.

what's funny is that i know alot of you brothas read the blogs of other brothas. you actually enjoy the damn blogs. so why not comment on them? why play silent and not give them the encouragement and praise and sense of connection you so dearly seek from the females you want to comment on your blog?

are you really that afraid of appearing to be less of a man? do you really think that the fact you don't comment on a brotha's blog somehow makes you more of a man? do you think encouraging and praising and bonding are feminine actions and men who do it are gay (as an insult)?

i think it's time you brothas 'woman'ed up'. be courageous enough to show support to each other without fear of being viewed as being gay or jocking a mothafucka. this is supposed to be a community, not a contest.

believe me, sistas read alot of blogs. while you sitting there thinking we're all caught up in your mix cuz we commenting on your shit, please know there are plenty of male bloggers out there with female audiences, doing the same thing you're doing and for the same reason.

in other words, you're playing yourself for the average cat.

that's the worst look of all.