Tuesday, May 17, 2005

tennis is a bitch on the legs...

i hadn't played tennis in a hot minute when i was invited to play with a couple of friends this weekend. my first mistake was putting on the wrong damn shoes. every time i went running to catch up with a ball, the bottom of my shoes would get caught on the court. i think i twisted my ankle a little with each time it happened.

then there was the matter of dealing with a bunch of cocky brothas who weren't down with losing to a sista. it seemed like they were trying to kill me out there. ultimately, i laid off a bit and lost three matches because of it. now i have to say my pride took a little hurting with that, but i just didn't feel like seeing the brothas with their faces all screwed up cuz they had lost. then again, it didn't take much for me to throw the matches, as i was still a little rusty.

the worst part was all the shit-talking afterwards. i almost popped chris in the head with all his remarks, but decided against it because i didn't want to ruin my racket.

*sigh*...the things sistas do to preserve a brotha's ego. it won't happen again, though. next time, i'm wiping the court with their asses.