Sunday, May 08, 2005

i'm working on this one...

it's inspired by one dance with one brotha on one night. i'm still trying to flesh this out a bit, but i felt compelled to post it cuz i've been thinking on this brotha pretty hard lately.


“brown skin…you know I love your
brown skin…”

the melody floats
from india’s throat
to coat me from
head to toe
while the guitar seduces
in coaxing slopes, undressing
the keys while she
continues confessing…

“I can’t tell where yours begins…
I can’t tell where mine ends…”

I’m drawn into you
like strokes of
flames thrust
upon the canvas
of your rapture
stoked ablaze
by the motion
of our rhythmic

“brown skin…up against
my brown skin…

our limbs bend
to blend unending into
one movement
one groove fermenting
our fervor -
a mellifluous mix
of honey do me
and sin a man you

“need some everynow and then…”


i'm still working on the last stanza. i SUCK at ending poems.