Monday, May 16, 2005

que pasa

i'm currently in a discussion about the use of standard english and how some folks use it to determine if someone is acting "white" or "black".

if i speak spanish, am i trying to act hispanic or am i trying to communicate with someone who speaks spanish?

if i don't speak standard english, am i stupid for not doing so?

if i do, am i smarter than those who don't?

it just seems like everyone is looking for bullshit reasons to diss each other. i'm tired of this lack of respect i'm seeing for folks from different backgrounds. language is a part of a culture, but it is not the defining factor of that culture. therefore, by using that language, a person doesn't suddenly become "more" black or "less" white. he or she has simply decided to use the language used by his or her intended audience. nothing more, nothing less.