Tuesday, May 17, 2005

this is a day for celebration!

a friend of mine just finished his thesis towards his Ph.D. i'm sure there were plenty of obstacles in his way and yet he found the determination necessary to fight his way through all of them. this is a tribute to his spirit, which never let up, never let him give up until this part of his journey was completed.

it's inspiring really. i wonder at just how far he'll go in his life and i'm sure he'll continue inspiring those around him to achieve their dreams. i don't know what he's going to do once he's got his Ph.D., but i've no doubt whatever it is, it'll change the world for the better. so let's all give props to him for his achievement. he definitely deserves it.

i've yet to even get my undergrad degree, and yet knowing he found a way to accomplish this task has made me more determined than ever to fight for my own dreams. i'm very close to finishing and i'm excited about it. i hope to go to grad school when i'm finished, but i'm not sure which grad school i'll attend. that's but one of my dreams, though. i really hope to create a charter school or non-profit focusing on technology in underserved communities. i just want to make the world a better place before i leave it, you know? i'm tired of the pain that pierces through my heart whenever i see injustice play out before me. i'm tired of the continued existence of socioeconomic inequality and it's hold on so many disadvantaged folks. i'm tired of them feeling as though they don't have choices, as though their life is something to labor through, not enriched with whatever empowers them towards their definition of success.

so i continue to fight. fight for my dream that one day i can look into the eyes of a child and really know in my heart that there are no unfair obstacles in her way. fight for the day when my little cousin lamount can just be a kid and not a black male child fearful for his life because he's surrounded by drug dealers.

it's GONNA happen folks. or i'll die trying.