Tuesday, May 09, 2006

tagged twice with one punch

let me both thank and curse so wise sista for tagging this shit.

check our her blog if you haven't already. when i say she's got the goods, i'm understating it. btw, my first year of college was at west georgia college (when it was college instead of university), but seeing as that experience was short and bitter, i ain't counting that shit AT ALL. i'm skipping to my second year when i was at a school i actually gave a shit about.

YOUR FIRST YEAR OF COLLEGE......What do ya'll remember?

School: Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University located in Tallahassee, Florida.

Where did you live?
cropper hall. the hall where 'crabs' ran rampant (not from me, damnit). see those steps right there in the photo? those are same steps my brother found my boyfriend at the time wrapped around some chick. cheating bastid. those were good times...NOT.

Who was/were your roommate(s)?
"easy jackie from jacksonville". no, i mean that shit. that girl's pussy had frequent fucker miles on it. i actually had to stop being around her because folk started assuming i was throwing the pussy away with ease like she was. ho through association. after i was raped though, i was wiling out, too, so i can't hate on what the girl was doing.

Do you still talk to them?
for what? that's the same bitch who ran up my phone bill. my mom came down and cussed both her and her momma out for that shit...but she damn sure got the money to cover that bill. my momma got gangsta when necessary.

Ever get in trouble in the dorms?
no. uh, at least not in my dorm...however, i almost got tossed from sampson hall where my man resided. yeah, i sneaked up in the joint and yeah, i stayed overnight and yeah, i had to sneak to the bathroom to get my pee on and no, it wasn't a co-ed dorm. the only thing that saved me was the fact that he was a captain on the football team so the residential assistant cut us both some slack.

Something you remember about when you first lived on campus?
playing spades all day and all night while watching a different world. damn, that was the fucking PASTTIME on famu's campus (other than fucking, that is); a HUGE water fight where brothas were dropping balloons from windows and people were getting chased all up and down those hills. i ended up being chased and drenched by two future nfl players, one of whom was a swift corner back who gave me a head start and STILL managed to catch me within a minute (fast bastid). one girl had the misfortune of being on the ground floor of paddyfote...with her windows open. the brothas actually filled up trashcans with water and dumped them round after round into her dorm room. wiped out all her electronics, computer, phone, stereo, television, vcr...EVERYTHING.

Your campus phone number or other number:
i have no fucking idea...

First party attended?
there was something going on at a club called 'faces' the second night i was there. it was within walking distance of my dorm, so a bunch of us girls (cuz you know freshmen girls traveled about ten deep at all times) headed to the spot.

First Bar you got wasted at?
we always attended private parties if we wanted to get wasted, so i never got drunk at a bar.

Favorite Pizza Place?
dominos. actually, the drivers weren't getting robbed until my class got there, then all hell broke loose. we were some fucking thugs for real.

Favorite place to go out to eat?
my friend nancy's cuz she had a son so she cooked every night.

Did you go to the library?
all of the time. i actually liked being there. i used that time to hide from folk.

What was your Favorite Floor you'd always be on?
second floor, cuz that's where my man's dorm room was located. after that, it was the lobby, cuz that's where all the spades playing went down.

Club, Athletics, Frat or Sororities, you joined?
famuan, nabj, naacp, intramural sports, JAX club (that last one was just made up by us folk who attended the same parties, stocked with alcohol from the local liquor store, obviously named JAX.)

Where did you buy your books?
used at the bookstore or borrowed from friends.

Who made the best wings?
i didn't eat 'em.

Ever attend a sporting event?
no doubt. my boyfriend was on the football team and then there was the marching 100...'nuff said.

Ever attend a concert or comedic performance?
not my first year there, nah.

Have you ever spent the night on campus not in your dorm hall?
um...most of my time at night was spent either in my man's room or at nancy's cuz she cooked but lived off campus (and i ain't have a car until sophomore year.)

Favorite night to go out on, and where did you go?
friday, and it was a JAX party at my boy troy's house.

Where did you get coffee?
uh...sampson hall? and i got that shit nightly in a tall cup with a dollop of cream and the sweetest aroma ever. ;)

Favorite part of Halloween?
what kind of fucking question is this? no really...what the fuck this gotta do with the list as a whole?

Go see a play or been in one?
i saw one play and i don't remember what it was about for anything. come on! it was my first year at famu after attending a predominantly white high school AND college. you think i was giving a shit about culture? no, i was concerned with colored folk, cisco, and my man's cock...not necessarily in that order...

Did you ever have a job at school?
nah. i was a trust fund baby, so i didn't need a gig until later. however, i was in a big booty contest and won $75 (through default cuz the sista competing against me decided to get nekkid, which disqualified her ass).

What do you hate about your college?
before the days of the telephone and computer registration we had to do that shit manually, ala standing in line starting at 6:30 a.m. and not getting out of that damn thing until damn near noon. oh, and don't let your ass need financial aid. you might as well grab a book and settle in for the long haul. i didn't have financial aid but my best friend did and she hijacked me into sitting there with her.

What did you love most about it?
the spades, the bonding, the football games, the JAX parties, the plethora of fine black men, the entire hbcu experience and the empowerment that came from being at an hbcu and being among black professors who had high expectations of us, instead of getting giddy just cuz we put complete sentences together. folks who attended an hbcu know what the fuck i'm talking about. it really don't get no better than that. i loved my experience there (uh, until the end, that is...another story ALL TOGETHER)...

Ever leave to go on a road trip, where?
nancy and i and little man would drive to atlanta for homecooking and mommie love.

Where would you believe is the best location to live in?
i always wished i'd lived in paddyfote cuz that's where all the action was (which is code for "that's where all the fine brothas were living in close proximity.")

Graduated or still attending?
still attending...another school. kinda had something to do with that last year i was talking about...and no, i ain't telling that story just yet.

Will you go back?
i'll be there for homecoming this year for the first time since i left. looking forward to it.

How many parking tickets have you gotten there?
got one, but it wasn't my first year, which is what this shit is about, right?

Finally, ever gotten arrested?
uh...we're talking about freshman year, right? then, no.


Four nicknames I've been given: thunder thighs, mook, buffalo butt, nikki (two of those came straight from my brother's imagination...guess which ones...)

Four movies I would watch over and over: love jones, lion king, anne of green gables (and avonlea), when harry met sally.

Four jobs that I have had in my life:
1. mcdonalds cashier
2. tutor-counselor for upward bound
3. program coordinator for girls tech program
4. database designer at university

Four places I have lived: brooklyn, tallahassee, tampa, atlanta

Four TV shows I like to watch: law & order svu, sportscenter, harvey birdman attorney at law, outside the lines

Four places I have been on vacation: new york, seattle, d.c., houston

Four things I could NOT live without: my brother, my computer, espn, music

Four of my favorite foods: mac & cheese, lasagna, cheesecake, pizza (you see a recurring theme with the cheese? i'm one backed up bitch...)

Four places I would rather be right now: on top of a fine brotha getting fucked royally, at an nfl football game, any concert with a good band, with my brother

aiight, i'm tagging the following: aquababie, amadeo, chele, hassan (and you better do this shit damnit!), verseone, ladylee, scarlett, heleenuh, and stiltwalker