Friday, May 12, 2006

friday spotlight...CHECK THESE BLOGS DAMNIT.

this is my chance to spotlight some of the wonderful blogs i've come across over the last couple of months. please check these folks out. i'm not playing when i say they've got interesting blogs, really i'm not. LOL

first up is solomon. i found his blog through my sitemeter. he'd already linked me to his blog and i had no idea who he was. turns out he's a cute guy from georgia, but that's not why i'm recommending you check out his blog (although it damn sure don't hurt, right?). what's great about his blog is his dry wit and variety of topics. he doesn't play nice on his blog. recently, he went off on ludacris because luda was getting all pissy at oprah after oprah ripped into his ass over his lyrical content. this, after oprah initially didn't want the brotha on her show because of said lyrical content. solomon made some very insightful points (on which i co-signed cuz they were good points) and i think that's the post that really got me to appreciate his blog. check this one out if you enjoy discussion on current events but not from a petty "look what this fool was wearing" point of view. this cat gives thoughtful commentary on his shit.

fallen angel has got this amazing gift for writing. i'm not sure how she found my blog nor do i care, cuz in the end i feel as though i'm the one blessed as a result of her finding my shit. her blog is comprised mostly of creative writing entries. alot of short posts and some of the most beautiful poetry i've ever read. she inspires me to write with more than just a passing thought, makes me ponder my own gifts and not squander them just because at times i have no faith in them. a recent entry began "i sometimes play ketchup with mustard which inevitably ruins the sandwich of closeness between you and i..."

that shit blew my mind. this girl is good, damnit.

the next cat on the list is marcus. he comments as 'G' here. all i gotta say is OH MY FUCKING GOODNESS...this brotha's writing is like a fucking revelation to me. he told me i was one of his inspirations to write, which is a load of crock cuz he damn sure ain't need no inspiration from me to drop the jewels he be dropping. oh yeah...gotta tell about what happened yesterday. so i finally got around to reading his latest entry and was blown away yet again. later, i check my email and see i've got two from him. i check the first one, which starts off "have i told you i love you???"

i was creeped out a little cuz i don't really know this cat, but i read on. he starts talking about how i've been mia and he's been looking for me because i'm his muse and shit. he be fiending on me and my writing. i start to get the big head...until i see at the very end of the email where brotha mentions someone else's name. uh, turns out that email wasn't for me. LMAO. he immediately sent another email telling me that very thing. my ego was crushed. thanks, marcus, for making me feel insignificant. bastid. ;)

here's a sampling of his writing. i'm sure you'll be just as enthralled with his writing as i've become:

"3 AM. 32 stories above the terrestrial surface, it's just me, Lake Michigan and the night crawlers down there. I wonder who they are, where they are going and what they are doing.
Party people.
Those thinking of ways to sneak into their homes quietly after a midnight rendezvous.
Workers busily sweeping away the previous day's debris in preparation for then next day's delivery.
My own little ghetto enclave in the midst of the white man's Magnificent Mile."

just check the brotha out. you won't be disappointed.

i found this cat through fallen angel's blog (thanks, sis!). slumpfacade is...damn, he just IS. this brotha don't just love the written word, he seduces it, his fingers lovingly caressing the sharp corners and/or curved crevices of each letter as he finesses them into place. his poetry is...damn, it just IS. i always have a problem commenting on his shit because i can never find the words to adequately describe my joy or awe at reading his shit. here's a sample:

"ice cream castles in the Summer time
running down the small of your back,
tasting of peach sorbet mixed with salt
from your pores, concentration brings
about pleasure, I can taste the tattoo ink
with each lick, no napkin required, only
passengers riding within street cars named
desire appreciate our public display of
aroused erection, feminine plumber crack
addictive, bend over, clean this pipe, unclog
semen sediments wishing to build
fleshly foundations,
caramel, chocolate, vanilla…"

taste the tattoo ink? for real??? SHIIIIIT...

if you're looking for some salt to go with that ice cream, check out sowisesista's blog. at this point, no doubt she's the worst kept secret out there, cuz there's no way you don't know about this sista, but i'm putting her on blast ANYWAY. why? because her blog is that brilliant mixture of both exposed vulnerability AND bite. she's like that cute puppy you go in to give a treat to, only to draw back a nub if she thinks you're trying to feed her bullshit. her wit is drier than a corpse's cunt, but it'll have you crying enough tears of glee to lubricate while you get your necrophilia on.

she recently did a series of entries on her run in with a former crush that turned out to be a bust. reading that story reminded me of my own run ins with guys like that and i automatically felt a kinship to her. read it and you'll see what i'm talking about. afterwards, if you've been through something similar, you'll be thinking the same thing as me: we must be lesbians cuz we always seem to end up fucking with pussies.

finally, there's stiltwalker...what to say what to say...her blog is definitely not for the faint of heart, not because it has graphic images of nasty or violent stuff but because she doesn't hold back not one bit (and i really mean that shit). 'acerbic' is the term i would use if i were talking about a tamer version of her. if i were to come up with more accurate adverbs and adjectives to describe her, i'd use words like "viciously witty", "addictively acidic", "caustically crazy"..LOL

if you want a hit of her herb, check out her recent series on a marriage agreement. it was both funny AND scary as fuck. by the end, i was definitely questioning her sanity, but in a good way. in that "this is one crazy sista, but i dig her cuz at least she's honest" kinda way. actually, sista ain't crazy...some folk just can't handle the truth, especially when that truth ain wrapped up in a happy pill. if you're one of those people, then you ain't ready for her shit.

i hope you find these blogs as entertaining and mind-fucking as i have.