Tuesday, May 02, 2006

finally getting around to the tag

at this point i'm not even sure who tagged me for the quirky stuff, but if you read this, shoot me an email and i'll add a link to your blog in this post.

six quirky/revealing things about me.

1. i can add numbers in my head without a calculator.
now let's not get it twisted...i'm not a human calculator in that i can do it really fast, but i can calculate the numbers in less than thirty seconds. i'm especially good with figuring out how old a person is after i get a birthdate. whenever i see a person's birthdate, i automatically start calculating how old they are at that moment.

2. i can't watch movies where someone significant in it dies.
if i'm emotionally invested in that character, i can't see him or her die. i think this goes back to when i lost my own father. i end up reliving those emotions, even though the story is fiction. i'm still traumatized from the movie menace ii society and haven't watched it since it first came out on video.

actually, the more i think about it, the more i realize how sensitive i am to death no matter where it happens. i remember driving by this guy who had just had a heart attack on the expressway and died. he was laying on the asphalt with a white sheet over him. i automatically thought about the family he left behind. i had to pull off of the expressway, park in a lot, and cry.

3. i like to people watch. not only that, but i end up creating stories in my head about them.
the stories get pretty detailed, too. one day i was parked in atlantic station for the specific purpose of watching people and developing stories about them. a young white woman was walking along the sidewalk with two small kids in tow. i created a story where she (stacy) had recently stolen her children away in the night after her husband told her he was gonna take them and move back to the middle east where they could be raised muslim. she had wanted to tell him the kids weren't actually his and were in fact the product of a long-standing affair she'd been having with their neighbor (a guy named bill who moved next door just to be close to his children), but she was afraid he'd kill her if he knew. so instead she left portland, moved to atlanta, and was at atlantic station looking for a whole new wardrobe for her and her kids because she'd had to leave everything behind when she left. the kids, chris and karen, were 4 and 5 respectively, and karen has a problem with allergies, in particular, cigarette smoke. chris plays with dolls and stacy's worried he might be gay like her brother tom. she's beginning to wonder if maybe homosexuality is hereditary...

yeah. i can do that shit for HOURS.

4. during football season, i will be on the computer checking the stats for my fantasy league teams while watching the games at the same time.
there was a time when i was plastered to the television, my mind single in its task of watching the games. then one of my boys introduced me to fantasy football and i've become obsessed with it. i can't go more than ten minutes without running to my computer to see if i'm winning vs. my opponent. it's gotten so bad that i can no longer totally root for my teams to win. i have to root for them to win while at the same time hoping their number one receiver and/or running back has a bad day if i don't have those players on my team. i'm considering stopping this next year, but i don't see that happening because i'm way too competitive for my own good (and i've got a championship to defend).

5. i tend to get extremely wet when i'm turned on.
i'm talking about wet like a monsoon. sometimes it's really embarrassing because if it happens in public place, i'll have to go to the bathroom to wipe it up, otherwise it'll soak through my panties or run down my legs. sometimes i think this is a bad thing because it it dilutes the friction necessary for me to get mine during sex. then again, i'd rather be too wet than too dry.

6. i can usually figure out the artist of a song after hearing just a few bars of that song.
my musical tastes are extremely varied, so much so that i have alot of songs catalogued in my head. aries man tried to stump me, but it didn't work. he played about ten songs for me before giving up. the only one he got me on was this swedish band i'd never heard of before. i told him the band had to be from out of the country in order for me not to know their music. i'm decent with lyrics, but its really the melody that will guarantee i remember the song.

bonus, just cuz.

7. i play every song i hear on my fingers.
whether it's tapping them or acting like i'm playing the piano, but i've gotta move my fingers to the song's melody and beat no matter what. it actually helps because i play music by ear. i've never had formal lessons but i'm pretty decent when it comes to hearing a song, breaking down the chords in my head after playing them on my fingers, then going to my keyboard and replicating it there. i'm not as strong at this as i used to be, but i still like to do it every now and again, especially with a song i'm really digging.

aiight, i'm not tagging anyone on this. i did it cuz i've got alot of work to do so i got lazy and put up this shit instead.