Thursday, April 26, 2007

thankful thursday

i am thankful for:

both breath and death...breath because i still have it, death because it rescued granny from pain

a morning rain which meant i didn't have to wash my car

the seconds embedded in silence like diamonds in velvet, precious in their rarity

the yearning reminding me i'm still a woman with wants, even if at times that wanting haunts me

the moments when my thoughts can skip unfettered through a mental meadow not yet manicured by grief

unexpected laughter taking root in sad soil

miles traveling through me on trumpet toes, unlocking me with piano keys

the restlessness shaking the stagnant branches from the tree of me

a knew day where i don't forget myself

no-ing when yes means internal damage

the courage to wake up and get out of bed

a gray day and damp land and the worn out cliche' "take pen in hand"