Wednesday, April 18, 2007 fronting

thank you to everyone who sent emails, ecards, letters, phone and text messages my way over the last few weeks. all the words of encouragement, support, condolences, offers of a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen, the prayers for my family and i...all of it was received and embraced. all of it has helped me to pull through what has been a time i can only describe as surreal.

you folk are truly wonderful, really.

i'm back in atlanta now after being in new york for the last week. i don't have anything to say right now. i'll be continuing with the 'dear nikki' stuff for sure. just want to get stuff together in my head. i hope all is well with you and yours.

i won't say go hug the person you love today. it seems like everybody who has a loved one die says that shit. not that it's not the right thing to say, but i figure you know what you doing. i'll just say this...ask yourself if your loved one(s) died today, would you be satisfied with the time you've spent with them or what you've shared with them? would you be satisfied with the relationship you have with them? would you know in your heart that you have no regrets, that you truly made an effort to make that relationship all it could be?

if you say yeah, then it's all good.

if you say no...then you know what to do.