Thursday, January 25, 2007

wasn't gonna post an entry today, but i just had to...

you think the self-hate ain't pervasive?
you think de-segregation was the answer to all of black folk problems?
think we should have asked for access to someone elses instead of demanding the government fix what was in our own damn neighborhoods so that it was ALL equal?
you think movies with 'white saviors' make a black kid think to him or herself "i AM worthy!"
you think all that talk about 'black folk don't do' and 'black folk always doing some bad shit' don't affect the little spirits around you? think your constant complaints about black folk and not ONE positive thing to say about your folk is helping shit?

think again playa.

"a girl like me" documentary -

so in the end, what have we accomplish if despite our freedom to drink from the white folk fountain, many of us still doubt our worthiness to do so? this shit here made me CRY, and then it made me more determined than ever to continue assisting kids in empowering themselves so that they're strong enough to make their own fucking way and define themselves. i hope this shit pisses you off enough to do something (if you ain't already).