Thursday, January 11, 2007

thankful thursday

man, i really need this right chea...rough week, but at least i'm still here, right?

i am thankful for/to:

the creator for doing what you do cuz that's why i'm here able to do what i do.

'swad for more enlightening discussion. hopefully this time it'll stick.(man, that sounds like a broken record, huh?)

sunlight in my office window. makes it that much easier for me to be happy when it's not raining.

a new day in a new year with no mistakes in it (yet)

for the island of japan cuz de ex is there right now experiencing it and it inspires me to want to explore, too.

for the patience and diligence necessary to find a new spot to reside. they're building new condos on the spot where i currently live so i gotta bounce. part of me is really excited about it, part of me is like "but I DON'T WANNA MOVE!"

for herb, who always makes me laugh even when i don't wanna.

for wiki, cuz's crack and i'm ADDICTED.

for kim, who is kicking the blaquescribe folk into gear. we gotta do the damn thing for real.

for being here to breath, to love, to be.