Thursday, January 18, 2007

thankful thursday

i'll be finishing both the stories soon. mind is occupied with other things at the moment. i ask that you bear with me as i make my way through the chaos.

i am thankful for/to:

god, who continues to bless me with breath

the blaquescribers who continue to keep me focused on the task of writing

a gray day so i can revel in rain

the knowledge the sun will shine through again

a heart willing to forgive if not forget

the will to love, even when the person makes it difficult to do so

a mind open to knowledge and the sometimes harsh truths that mark its existence

my mother, who continues to love and support me even though her daughter can sometimes be selfish and shortsighted

the desire to foster change in a world full of people content to profit off of the mistakes of the past

the words that continue to flow, albeit at a trickle

my readers who still stop by even if i haven't written anything worth a shit in weeks

the happiness that hasn't eluded me nearly as much as it has in the past

the minutes needed to think on who i am and what i want to be

the hours spent with myself needed to really get to know me

the discipline to find a new place to put my things

the knowledge that no matter where i move, i exist within my skin and THERE is where my life begins and ends

tony dungy and lovie smith for blazing new trails for black head coaches in the nfl. may both of you find success in your endeavors this weekend.

for your hugs that soothe me, for your kisses that move me, for your smile that behooves me to continue to keep you close

another day in which to make my dreams come true

another day that brings me in both body and spirit closer to you