Tuesday, January 02, 2007


i've always been a good waiter

last year...

i waited on happiness
i waited on contentment
i waited on empowerment
i waited on the helplessness to leave me
i waited on the weight to drop
i waited on the patience to come
i waited for things to make sense
i waited for someone else to tell me what i wanted
i waited for someone else to tell me my worth
i waited for someone else to define me
i waited for someone else to fulfill my needs
i waited for the people around me to change before i did
i waited for loved ones to realized i loved them
i waited for the time to reveal itself
i waited for the dreams to fulfill themselves
i waited for him to be perfect for me
i waited for the moment when i knew he was the one
i waited for the other shoe to drop
i waited for the pain to stop
i waited to do
i waited to see
i waited to be

this year...

i will wait not one more fucking moment to do and see and be

2007 will be the year i happily do ME.