Tuesday, July 25, 2006

random thoughts

if dicks grew on trees i'm sure the only ones i'd find appealing are the ones located on the highest, most unreachable branch.

i'm really looking forward to doing fantasy football this year. being chased by a bunch of fine men makes this the best kind of fantasy ever!

my mom had to call me last night to remind me my birthday is next week. evidently i'm turning 90, cuz i can't seem to remember shit anymore.

man, my breasts look pretty damn good for a 90 year old...and barely average for a woman in her 30s.

if lip balm is for keeping lips moist, how come i can't use it on my pussy lips?

i'm gonna try to call you one more time dude. if you don't pick up, consider yourself cussed out the next time i see yo ass.

one of my favorite actresses, ju.ne ally.son died a couple of weeks ago. she was the really petite chick with the smoky voice that sounded like she came out of her momma's womb with a cigarette in her mouth. r.i.p., june. tell frank i said wassup.

i don't want barry to break hank's record. i don't care if he's just one of many who doped up. he doped up. he don't deserve that record. leave that one for the mothafuckas who can get it legit.

when you're number one in a man's mind, everything is perfect. when you're one of many, it's like being sent to live in the stable with the rest of the horses after years of staying in the big house.

he told me yesterday if i was a guy i'd have pussy on me constantly because i'm such a smooth talker. well i'm a girl with pussy that's been on me since birth and i'm here to tell you it's nothing special.

i can't write about new or cute with you
cuz what i feel for you ain't safe...
its a rising sun
torching the skin of the horizon
as it ignites ocean and earth with its rays
before the crawling flames reach through your window
and set your bed ablaze

i want you to burn as i'm burning. i want you to yearn as i'm yearning. i want you to die a little each day because we're not together, as i'm dying.

it ain't that "let me build prose for you" kind of feeling. it ain't that "let me dedicate a song to you" kind of feeling. it's that "let me build roads with you" kind of feeling. it's that "let me dedicate my life to showing you how blessed i am to have you" kind of feeling.

aiight. enough of the mushiness. it's damn near making me gag. back to the randomness...

i'll be getting up with a fellow blogger this week hopefully. i gotta check my schedule and then stop being trife and actually call him. why am i being trife? LOL

i'm calling you today will! sorry for the delay!

i'm so sexually frustrated right now, wearing a bra is making me horny.

i haven't been tagged in a hot minute. then again, i haven't been reading blogs steadily either so i can't be mad at it.

definitely gotta make sure i catch up on my reading this week. i miss my folk.

i told someone yesterday i licked my dildo last week because i missed having a dick in my mouth. what the fuck was i thinking? oh shit. what the fuck am i thinking admitting to that now?

if my mom is reading this, i know that last sentence probably made her faint.

i miss my little brother so much it hurts to think about him.

i'm thinking about moving to the ny yet again and this time i'm serious. atlanta...i just gotta leave here. i can be happy here but i think it's time to move to a new spot with new things.

my.spa.ce is starting to pick up for me. i didn't realize there were so many bloggers with my.spa.ce pages!

i was up in u.p.s last week and for the first time in years i did a double-take AND my heart stopped after seeing a guy for the first time. i'll be writing about that one this week.

speaking of fine, karembe was back in my office yesterday to see me. he never said anything about the fart episode so i assume he never smelled it or he's just being a gentleman. i almost wanna ask him just so i can stop speculating. meanwhile, it looks like he's stepping up his efforts. he's flirting with me more and it's flattering but i can see it in his eyes, folk. he looking to settle down. i ain't the ONE.

last night i got caught up in a two-part episode of litt.le hou.se on the prai.rie about when mary went blind and the town of wal.nut gro.ve was about to shut down because of the railroad. i cried like a B.A.B.Y. this is why i don't watch that show. i don't care if its an episode about a tree and the pig who pees on it, i'm gonna end up crying.

i finally washed and curled my locs. yes, i'm looking and feeling damned good today.

"looking good billy ray!"

"feeling good louis!"

aaaaaaaaand CUT!