Tuesday, July 11, 2006

can exes be friends?

you spent 'x' number of years with this person and now he or she (in my case he) wants to be friends. is that shit even possible?

will i end up fucking this dude?

have you ever been friends with your ex and NOT fucked him or her? even if you didn't fuck him or her, was that shit on your mind? i mean, once you've had it (and it's good) and you know you can get it, why would you not want it ever again?

see, i'm of that school of philosophy where "once you've left the train station, ain't no going backwards". however, is being friends with the person "going back" or just transforming the relationship into something else?

for real though...i don't think that shit can be done. i think that no matter what, one of the people involved is waiting for that shit to be more than friendship or at the very least, wanting to keep the other person nose open for him or her so the ego can constantly get itself stroked.

think about it...if you're friends with your ex, do you want to get back with him or her? do you think they wanna get back with you? do you think that maybe one of you is hanging around so there is always available pussy/dick? is it a case of "i'm gonna talk about all of the men/women digging me so you'll feel like a loser cuz you fucked shit up with me" or "see how i've changed? i'm so much better now! we can get back together!" or "as long as i hang around you there's the possibility we can get together...all i gotta do is wait for your ass to change."

frankly, i don't want to be friends with my exes. fuck that. cuz if i don't fuck that, i'm probably gonna end up fucking them. literally.