Thursday, July 20, 2006

is writing about sex a sin for a christian?

i don't even pretend to be a regular churchgoer. those of you who know me personally know i haven't been inside a church in over a decade. yes, i consider myself to be a spiritual being, i just haven't chosen to go to a church to express that part of me.

if you read my blog regularly, you know i write about sex alot. it has more to do with the fact that i'm currently suffering from a state of unending arousal, and it's frustrating to no end.

however, i wonder how folk see me. i wonder if i'm considered in the eyes of some folk as being a non-christian because of my candidness regarding carnal matters. i've noticed a favorite blogger of mine's decision to end his blogging habits after a few months of writing about beautifully about highs and lows of sexual intimacy. it pissed me off to see him end it like that. on the one hand, i respect his desire to devote his next blog to more spiritual matters. however, i wonder why there has to be a separation of the two.

i mean, is acknowledging intimacy for more than just reproduction in conflict with acknowledging a love for god or whomever or whatever a person worships? if i do one must i deny the other? when i see his decision i can't help but believe that there are alot of folk who see sexual intimacy as a dirty thing that cannot be embraced by those who choose to embrace their religion closely. it's as if sexual intimacy and the discussion of such a thing is a dirty or bad thing, a 'side' to one's self that should remain hidden from others because it's that 'sinful side', that side that god would hate knowing.

does a gospel singer have to stick with only singing about worshipping god? can he or she not also sing about making love? the only cat i remember doing this was sam cooke. he sang about god and also sang about "bringing it on home to him." did he become less of a christian when he acknowledged he had lust for women and acted on that lust? was his love and devotion towards god less believable because he sang about making love to his woman?

i don't think so. i don't think these things are separate. i don't think there is a good side and a bad side to us, only the one side encompassing all that flows through us, anger, elation, lust, envy, compassion, etc. having sex isn't a bad thing and it shouldn't be seen that way as far as i'm concerned. it's not naughty, it's not to be ashamed of, it's not to keep locked up in a box on the top shelf of a closet. it's a part of the natural order of things and thus in my mind means it's a blessing, so long as the participants are two consenting adults.

me writing about sex doesn't make me love the ultimate one responsible for my existence any less. i would hope it shows folk that we should embrace everything about us and accept our sensual natures as something that's good because it allows us to share intimacy with someone we love (or at the very least, someone we're attracted to who shares the same fascination).

someone help a sista out. am i making this too simple? i don't think so, but you're more than free to state your opinion on the matter.