Sunday, July 31, 2005

oh blog, how i've neglected thee...

this past week was hectic indeed. did the family reunion thing from thursday to today and they wore me out.

then dex called me on friday night to tell me our apartment was flooded. most of my book collection was ruined, as was much of my yarn, including the piece i baby blanket i had just started for my brother's baby. dex's comic book collection took a SERIOUS hit, as most of the boxes were on the floor. i think 95% of his books got wet, and he's got over a thousand of them. i felt really bad for him.

so now we're moving to another apartment in the same building, only a flight down. i've got finals on wednesday and tomorrow is my birthday. this is never.gonna.end.

i'm tired as shit right now, so i won't say much more. i just figured i should say something before the clit withers from neglect.