Friday, August 05, 2005

god, this is hard...

and i'm not talking about a penis. i'm talking about life. i read this morning that our governor cried because we lost a number of georgia soldiers in the war this week. i want to feel his pain but all i feel is pissed. his tears don't wash away the bullshit surrounding our involvement in iraq. his remorse (if it really exists) won't bring those soldiers back alive. why cry now? why the show of emotion now when there have been soldiers dying since the beginning of this fucking war? what does he hope to accomplish by shedding his bullshit tears?

taking american history this semester at school has reminded me of how eager america has been to go to war in other countries. during the cold war, we acted like we were so much better than the soviets, claiming they were so aggressive with their desire to spread communism that they would go to war with anybody. meanwhile, it has been america that has covertly sent military all around the world to preserve "democracy". what makes our desires any less threatening than that of the old soviet union? what makes our intentions any better than that of saddam hussien? no really, someone tell me why it's so necessary for america to go into countries that aren't "democratic" and basically force them to be like us. now before you decide to berate me for not being patriotic enough, remember that i come from a group of people who have NEVER had the unconditional support of the american government. we have NEVER operated in an american society where our skin color didn't matter. so forgive me (or don't, cuz i really don't give a shit if you do or not) if i'm not unconditionally supporting the government or for that matter, blindly accepting the notion that the american government is above nefarious dealings.

so back to the original reason for my cynicism. georgia's governor shed a few drops of salty water to express his grief over the senseless loss of life taking place in iraq. big fucking deal. why not try shedding some of that ignorance and demand bush end this war. otherwise, you can keep your tears, perdue.