Thursday, May 31, 2007

thankful thursday

time for a moment to acknowledge being thankful for:

god for straight keeping me here.

mom and the relationship between us that's finally filling that hole in my existence i didn't even realize was there.

those moments when the words unfurl from my fingers without coaxing of any kind. i still don't understand how it happens, but i'm glad for it.

ella fitzgerald, duke ellington, and the live version of let's fall in love. she blows those notes right through my marrow.

a sun that continues to rise everyday even though its shine sometimes reveals dark souls

jaygee for inspiring me to step into my thoughts one at a time and reacquaint myself with how i've furnished them. beautiful writing, brotha.

those who recognize that while debate is necessary in the exchange of ideas, ultimately it ain't fated to fix shit. only action does that.

a comfortable bed on a warm morning where i could breathe despite the smoke from the wildfires clogging up the air.

light traffic on the way to work today, which allowed me to truly enjoy listening to my ray vau.ghn.

the ability to forgive. it really is the greatest gift i could give to myself.

all the readers old and new who continue to drop by. you taking the time to stop through and read me is one of the best blessings i receive each day.

so what are you thankful for today?