Friday, May 11, 2007

'fuck you' friday

sometimes it just gotta be FUCK YOU:

to the person who thinks an email and some false praise is gonna make me delete the past. i don't wish you ill will. meanwhile, recognize that a few months don't wipe away how you played on my pain during a time when i was at my most vulnerable and you didn't give a shit then about what you were doing. what i brought to the table was real and honest and you twisted that shit into something nasty. i'm not gonna fake it like everything is aiight between us now cuz it ain't. let other folk put shit behind them. i ain't there yet. so no, i won't do as you requested.

to the co-worker who tries to slide work onto me like a penis slipping 'tween pussy lips while a chick's asleep. i don't mind being fucked, but i demand i be a willing participant. keep fucking with me and i'm gonna start sabatoguing your shit.

to the driver who almost made me wreck my fucking car a few days ago. i'm not sure if you're aware of it, but there's this wand next to your steering wheel. if you pull it down or shift it up, folk around you will know when you're about to change lanes. USE that shit, cuz i've been in a few bumps already and my car has held up well. don't make me have to take you and your little compact car out of the game.

to the boss who actually had me process spot bonuses for people who did half the fucking work i did last quarter. what, now folk are getting praise for turning shit in late, always 'working from home' even when they know they're needed in the office, dumping the shitty work they don't wanna do on someone else, and blaming others when their shit turns up foul? let me make a mental note of that. next time i complete my projects ahead of schedule, step in and finish someone else's work, own up to my mistakes, assist a person you KNOW hates me with her daily tasks, and volunteer to work a convention on the fucking WEEKEND, i'll remember those efforts have absolutely NO BEARING on my paycheck. you keep telling me it has nothing to do with my skin color, but i'm the only black person in this place and i'm the ONLY ONE who hasn't gotten a spot bonus.

to the driver who thinks he/she can be on the phone while driving. there's a reason new york and other states banned that shit. i'm sorry, but you are NOT a better driver with one hand on the steering wheel, one hand on your phone, and your thoughts concentrated on the conversation. driving slower don't fix it. you creeping on the expressway is an accident waiting to happen. if you that pressed to continue that conversation PULL THE FUCK OVER. what's it gonna take for you to stop that shit? you gotta kill someone before you recognize how dangerous that shit is?!?

to the folk who think being an asshole is synonymous with 'bucking the system' or 'rebelling against the status quo'. no, what it means is that you're an asshole who doesn't have the balls to admit you just like saying and doing shit to hurt folks feelings. man up to it, playa! you do what you do cuz you get a chubby every time a person sheds a tear because of something you did to him or her. your power is tied into how bad you make someone else feel. recognize that shit. REVEL in that shit. DO YOU. just stop cloaking that shit under some ridiculous guise that you're doing it for someone else's good or that you're here to make sure 'political correctness' doesn't ruin the world.

to the guy who actually has the nerve to think i'd be willing to engage in something intimate with him when he's got a wifey. look, i'm aware there are cultural differences at play here. i even know there are women out there willing to take you up on your offer. meanwhile, i'm not one of them. how you could think i'd put a piece of dick ahead of a sista's feelings is beyond me. i don't care how unhappy you are in your situation. i don't care if she's not satisfying you. i don't care if you're lonely. stop complaining about what's fucked up and either fix it or get the fuck out of it. do not continue to insult me by calling my office faking like you only wanna take me out to lunch when you know you wanna fuck me. I'M NOT THAT SISTA. i'm not that chick who can lay with a dude and not think about the fact he's stepping out on his wife. i'm not that chick who can ignore the fact i'm participating in the desecration of someone's home. i've been nice up until now cuz we work together, but i swear if you keep pressing me i'm gonna be cussing you out in front of your folk.

to all those folk who use that tired argument about babe ruth not playing against black players, thus nullifying his home run record and then try to use that shit to justify why folk should be pulling for bar.ry bon.ds to break the record. no, we shouldn't. hank aaron played against EVERYBODY and did that shit without the use of performance enhancing drugs. he should keep that record. i will not be pulling for barry. he's tainted and he knows it. and no, i'm not just persecuting him. i think all the records established in the last ten years should be wiped from the record books. barry was the cat that got caught, but he wasn't the only one in the cream (literally).

to the folk who think i'm supposed to just vote for bar.ack just cuz the dude's black. get this, my vote is based on character, not color. when i place my vote, it'll be for the one i think is most likely to do as he or she says and if what they promise is most closely alligned with addressing the concerns i have for this country. call me sellout if it makes you feel better, but you sell yourself out when you ignore the issues in favor of handing someone your support just cuz he looks like you. clar.ence tho.mas anyone?

aiight, i'm done.