Tuesday, May 08, 2007

ENOUGH already

if i had a quarter for every time a black person called another black person 'ghetto' i'd take that quarter, shove it down their fucking throats, and hope they choke on it.

don't you get it people? 'ghetto' is a fucking PLACE. it ain't who is a person IS. it doesn't make them LESS of a human being and it damn sure doesn't give you the fucking right to call them 'ghetto' with the sole intent on insulting them.

for ONCE i'd like to see a person call folk 'ghetto' with the intent on praising them, cuz there are plenty of good, hard-working folk living there. they're the ones working the jobs you wouldn't work even if it meant being unemployed for eight months cuz it means busting your ass for checks just large enough to pay for a happy meal. they're the ones with the jobs other people think ain't important until the folk ain't there to do it. try keeping the bathroom at your job clean when the janitor decides to quit and see how hard that shit is. they're the ones folk look at and laugh cuz they've got hair other folk think is tacky, sport clothes other folk think are cheap, and have names other folk think are ridiculous.

they make barely enough to keep the bills paid and food on the table, try to keep tabs on their kids when it's impossible cuz they work 80 hour weeks, live in poorly constructed homes in unsafe neighborhoods with subpar schools and non-existent law enforcement, and we're calling them 'ghetto' and smirking like we made a fucking joke. meanwhile, they're making that shit work as best they can. STOP HATING.


i ain't preaching to you. i'm straight telling you to cut that shit out. pride starts with recognizing the worth in folk regardless of where they come from and what they look like. NOT A GAWTDAMN THING comes from dissing folk from these environments. i ain't making excuses for folk. i'm saying there are enough obstacles without this shit going on.