Monday, July 14, 2008

characters are welcome...

it's been a hot minute since i've put my meandering musings to blog. in that time, there have been a number of tremendous changes in my life, all positive. because i don't want folk to get lost, here are a list of players in my current saga:

da fam
mom - beautiful and loving woman who gave birth to me...currently operates as a functioning alcoholic. she'll be the one offering truly insightful pieces of advice in between her moments of insobriety (and a few during).

dad - the man who stepped in to be my dad after my od (original daddy) died...currently on the outs with me because he doesn't know how to discuss politics without getting his scrotum in a twist.

teef - lil bro, younger than me by 13 months but thinks he's older than me by 13 years. likes to drop wisdom bombs but doesn't always smell them for himself.

da friends
ole girl - best friend and confidant. currently single and looking, which means plenty of stories, most of which are funny with a few heartbreaking ones in between.

crack - he cracks jokes, cracks heads, and fucks crackheads.

whoa - big-willy man-ho fucking around on wifey. as a female i check his ass for what he's doing. as his friend, i love him unconditionally.

low? - attractive male friend we all think is taking it up the ass in the dark, cuz he hasn't had a steady relationship with a sane female since the first network run of fam.ily guy.

da co-workers
lessaclue - she thinks pregnant single females are bad role models yet wonders why the computer tech guy with the single pregnant sister won't have lunch with her. 'nuff said

cassidy - butch lesbian who's married with a kid and is the genuine article when it comes to being progressive, but gets insulted when she's mistaken for a man. (i'm thinking it's the combination of minimized tits, buzz cut, and dockers clothing, but i could be wrong).

hipdoc - 40-ish jewish emergency med doctor with an earring in one ear, chingy on his ipod, one ob-gyn wifey and two roving eyes for the ladies.

da stable
peii - he's sexy, he's funny, he's smart, he's "something new" (and yeah, that means exactly what you think it means).

d'ex - the guy i left six months ago after being with him on/off for ten years. fluctuates between bewildered and embittered but is ultimately a good dude.

ease-z - the charismatic childhood crush who flirts with me in the hopes of getting in between the legs in between declarations of undying love for his girlfriend.

da rest
le tigre - big tabby cat i'm watching for two months. i'm thinking he was sired by tony the tiger, cuz the cat is fucking huge.

assassin - other smaller cat i'm watching for two months. never knows he's around until he's damn near up on me.

crazycow - 60ish chick living next door to me. just met her yesterday and she's already telling me we share a wall and she hears voices at night coming from my loft. i can forsee all kinds of drama ensuing here.

blade - gay black dude on the other side of me. i haven't met him yet, but i'm putting him on the character list because i've heard he's rich and has a bunch of cute boyfriends, which means i'm gonna be pissed as shit when i see all those fine eligible men in his spot who only have a taste for salty balls.

no doubt you'll get to know more about these folk as the months go on, as i've got plenty of stories to tell...