Monday, September 24, 2007

just curious...

how come i have to go to high-income white neighborhoods in order to get some decent produce? what, poor and/or black folk don't eat vegetables? what's worse is that the prices are the same. i pay ten dollars for ten pounds of pears in the high-income area just like in the hood, only i don't have to sift through 100 pears for ten minutes to find four pears worth eating.

damn, can a sista get a friggin apple that doesn't look like it was given 30 lashes for talkin sass to de massa? is it too much to ask for a cucumber that's not soft enough to fart when squeezed? can someone hook a sista up with lettuce that ain't so brown it looks like it's got more melanin in it than i've got?

how come the only time racism generates marches is when it occurs in small southern towns? where is al sha.rpton when i need someone to march in protest of the fact that i'm the token negro working at a major university in a metropolitan city who's gonna hit the glass ceiling in about a year? where da hell is jesse when i need someone to rhyme about the unfair treatment i get at the gig on the daily?

"i'm not here to cause a commotion
i'm here cuz nikki deserves a promotion
stop 'humpin around' and 'don't be cruel'

or i'll bring mister 't' here to pity da fool!"

where in da hell are these guys during my job interviews when the interviewer is looking at my neatly coifed locs, dreading the fact i sought out a job at his company while glancing at any cracks in my resume in search of the perfect excuse to justify not considering me for the position? shit, i'm tired of that whole "redneck in the pick up truck is the racist" bullshit. turn that radar on and you'll find more than a few among the college-educated, northern born and residing, never slept with a relative, hil.ary cli.nton supporting, 'evolved' folk living outside of the south. i'll give it to the ones residing south of tha least you see the noose coming. much better than having the shit hiding behind 'politically-correct' banter...

...or residing in the hearts of the folk who think they're not racist cuz they've never called a black person 'ni.gger' even as they've tossed a resume into the wastebasket cuz the name on it was 'iesha jackson'.

...or existing in the minds of the folk who breathe the sigh of relief cuz they've got a token brohem (probably the lone black teamate from the high school basketball squad) stashed in the closet to whip out on those occasions when simply saying they've got a black friend won't clear them after saying something stupid like "my folk didn't own slaves so i didn't benefit from slavery."

how many times i gotta be that token brohem who gets invited to dinner parties thinking i'm gonna enjoy myself only to find out i'm the showpiece for the 'friend', the 'ask jeeveka' white folk come to for answers to perplexing questions like...

"why aren't more black people upset about michael vick killing dogs?" [dude, young black men are being killed on the daily over bullshit and i'm supposed to get weepy over some dogs? when the death of a dog begins to mean the end of the black community, get back at me and THAT'S when i'll be more upset about it.] or

"how do black people feel about barak obama" [he's a black dude running for president. shit, i fear for his life!] or

"why do black women seem so upset about stuff?" [probably cuz folk keep asking stupid questions like this one]

why is it the only time i've ever seen a white man defer to a black man in terms of his knowledge of something is when i saw it on 'remember the titans'? how come i never saw any of the white doctors on 'er' defer to pratt about anything that didn't involve gang violence and black patients?

how come in the midst of all that shouting in jena, nobody bothered to come up with the funds to get the kid out of jail on bail?

why is it david bowie can send ten grand to the jena legal defense fund but masta 'nigga' 'p'lease can't send a red cent when no doubt at least one of those six has either bought his cds or supported his music and they probably don't even know what a david bowie is?

why did i get an email telling me to wear black to support the jena six and nobody bothered to include the address of the defense committee so i could send money instead?

Jena 6 Defense Committee
P. O. Box 2798
Jena, LA 71342

what is a march gonna do for those kids other than generate a bunch of t-shirts and signs and hoarse, pissed off black folk? it damn sure ain't gonna change shit in jena cuz when the marchers bounce, those kids and the racist folk who reside there will still be there.

when did this harmless list of questions turn into a rant?