Tuesday, September 11, 2007

blogger's den, week 1

week one of fantasy football in blogger's den made for many close match ups, a few blow-outs, and one ralley from behind in the fading minutes.

cleveland steamers (king or 'ddot') was thoroughly trounced by yours truly. he talked much smack all week long which ultimately prompted me to shoot him a quick email in the wake of my aformentioned victory:

i am sorry for your loss...

i knew your pride pretty well. we used to work together on stuff. although i knew it'd been suffering from morbid obesity for a while and death was immiment, i had no idea it's existence would be taken away from us so violently, nor could i have imagined it would be at the hands of an entire squad of fantasy league football players. i remember advising it to recognize the dangers of extending itself too far but you know how reckless your pride could be. despite it's moments of bloated behavior and impulsive nature, i appreciated your pride for what it was and am sad it is no more.

it will truly be missed.

my sincerest condolences


sweet, sweet revenge...

el deguello was just as impressive in his first victory, aided in part by peyton manning's performance on thursday vs. the saints. truthz tried to rally at the end but couldn't overcome the fact she picked adam vineteri in the first round of the draft (yeah girl, i'm gonna be harping on that move for the rest of the season).

atl hitmen (my buddy herb) pulled out a win against the boo boo roughriders (my cousin lamount). lamount (known to you long-time readers as 'little man'), needs to work on his trash-talking skill, paying particular attention to his spelling and grammar. i don't know what they're teaching him in school but the boy is 14 and should know how to spell 'sorry'.

black socrates and funkytown phoenix were going back and forth with the lead all weekend and went down to the wire as both guys had a few guys in both games last night. in the end though, funkytown's cornerback adrian wilson proved to be the difference maker as his eight point performance put him over the top for good.

morris brown (dex) ended up losing to a guy who didn't even bother to set up his defense (the bullies) and frankly, i'm appalled.. and perhaps even a bit ashamed.

lock and load made a flurry of last second pick ups and drops prior to his showdown with morgan state bears . unfortunately, his efforts proved futile as the bears, despite piss poor play from starting quarterback phil rivers (-.25 points), found a way to squeak out the victory. that has to burn just a little bit...

and finally, in what involved the most trash-talking between opponents, bad attitude eeked out a victory against my darkhorse pick for league champion, aquababie. i gotta give my girl aqua props cuz this is her first year and she's already picking up players like a pro.

standings after the first week. please note i'm in first place (as is the natural order of things).