Thursday, June 07, 2007

passive aggressive folk can kiss my natural black ass

if you're one of these people, i don't like you. nothing personal, but i have an aversion to folk who can't just say what they mean and mean what they say and be accountable for what they do. if i gotta figure the silence out, then you gotta go. if i gotta look at your actions (or lack of) to get what you too scared to say, i have absolutely no use for you whatsoever.

do you even know if you're passive-aggressive? well if you're wondering, ask yourself if you:

just stopped calling or picking up the phone, hoping he/she will 'figure it out'

instead of telling someone you're mad at him/her, you let it simmer and manifest in your actions, doing shit you know will irritate him/her, in order to 'punish' him/her. THAT'LL SHOW 'EM!

don't actually say you don't wanna go with him/her somewhere. you drag your feet about it beforehand, then make him/her fucking MISERABLE when you're there, hoping he/she never asks you to go there with him/her again.

blame someone else for your foul behavior, using childish terms like "you made me do it" or "if only you hadn't done that, i wouldn't have had to do this..." or the classic "it just happened...i couldn't help it! you just made me SOOOO upset!"

lied because the truth would make you look bad.

let a person irritate you to no end, then instead of telling that person you would prefer they behave differently, you go and rant to your friend about that other person's behavior and how much it irritates you.

dislike a person at work or a person who is a part of your group of friends, so you bring up discussion about that person under the guise of being concerned for his/her well-being, when really all you're doing is looking for opportunities to diss him/her on the sly by using sarcastic remarks or uncovering his/her dirt by using slick lines like "well i heard such and such about her, but it can't be true because she's such a great person!". doing that shit all the while hoping everyone will eventually turn against him/her.

say some really foul shit about someone to his or her face, then cover that shit up by saying "i was being sarcastic" or "it was a joke" when you know you was being dead serious.

during arguments, you deliberately behave in a way that you know will make the other person question his/her sanity by using twisted logic cuz you're so fucking clever...

you: i'm not saying you're crazy. i'm saying crazy people do the shit you do.
him/her: but that sounds like you're saying i'm crazy.
you: you said that, not me.

you know that's some bullshit, right?

if you see yourself here, don't be mad at me. i wasn't doing this shit to single anyone out, but i damn sure did it to let any potential friends/lovers know ahead of time what i refuse to put up with. (and i've done some of this shit too so i ain't untouchable, but grown folk grow out of kiddy behavior).

don't say you weren't warned.