Thursday, March 29, 2007

thankful thursday

i wasn't gonna do it, but i was sitting here thinking about how easy it would be for me to just wallow in self-pity or lament about everything going wrong right now. that's all the more reason for me to do a thankful thursday. i gotta hold onto what's good and find a positive thread within a negative blanket. so here goes...

thank you to god for continuing to watch over my granny as she begins her transition into the next phase of her existence.

thank you granny, for everything you have done, for the model of strength, wit, tenacity, and love you have been for me all my life. there will never been enough words to honor you. know my life is a tribute to you.

thank you aswad for being there for granny even though you miss your daughter terribly. i know it hurts you can't be near her, but know that this is but a brief interlude. you will be with your baby soon.

thank you mom for making me laugh, for listening to my fears, for motivating me to take better care of myself, for spending time with me.

thank you dad for sharing your pain with me, for finding a way to relate to what i'm going through, for building that connection even though it brought back bad memories for you.

thank you de ex for holding me when i needed to be held, for coaxing laughter from my lips when you knew i needed it most, for listening to me lament, for being strong when i couldn't be.

thank you sun for rising everyday, for forcing your light into my self-imposed darkness, for reminding me of the splendor of basking in your rays.

thank you ju.stin timbe.rlake for putting out one helluva cd that i've played damn near non-stop for the last month. your music has been a balm to my soul.

thank you blaque betty for continuing to run for me even though i haven't had your oil changed in over six thousand miles. you representing hon.da to the fullest. i'm gonna do a better job of taking care of you.

thank you gig o'mine for continuing to challenge me, forcing me to grow professionally and personally. my confidence continues to grow the longer i'm with you.

thank you blog fam for sticking around, for showing me love, for motivating me to continue to express myself. sharing myself and my experiences with you has been exhilarating, painful, happy, sad, uplifting, unbelievable and incredibly loving.

okay, so that last one sounded like i was saying goodbye. i'm not.

stay blessed folk.