Monday, March 26, 2007

monday musings

i wonder how long i will be able to keep this up... (re: writing in this damn blog)

how can you be up by ten with seven minutes to go and fucking LOSE?!? (re: tarheels loss to g'town)

he is gorgeous. for real. (re: the guy working the zestos drive-thru)

that movie SUCKED (re: norbit)

i'm digging this shit here. we're gonna have to come back! (re: saturday excursion to drive-in to see aforementioned sucky movie norbit)

i just want to be deepstroked damnit (re: me telling him on saturday we were gonna get down and dirty before the weekend was out)

what am i thinking?!? he can't give me what i want... (re: me thinking about him giving me some dick after i told him i wanted it)

i wonder how big his dick is (re: me contemplating what the drive-thru zestos guy has in his pants)

i'm soooooo tired of this shit (re: me masturbating)

i can smell it on your breath (re: liquor on my mom's breath)

how can i change the subject without straight asking "how come you always talk so negatively?!?" (re: while listening to my mom lament about my dad)

SHUT UP (re: ten minutes later when momz was STILL lamenting about dad)

i still love you though (re: five seconds after that)

but really, this subject is killing me mom (re: five seconds after that)

i'm in target buying underwear with my mom...what kind of shit is this? (re: while standing in the intimate apparel section of target with mom)

what the fuck? (re: after my mom tells me "you need the high cut ones to cover your tummy baby")

so there! (re: after telling mom "if a brotha's seeing my naked tummy he's probably not paying attention to that particular feature at that point...")

you look browbeaten dude (re: after seeing my dad at the 'rents house)

my name is bennett and don't involve me in this shit here (re: after watching my 'rents disagree on yet one more thing)

if this is what happens to married folk after almost thirty years, i see why folk divorce after three (re: five minutes later when my 'rents were STILL disgruntled about their disagreement)

is he watching porn in front of me?!? (re: after looking at the television screen and seeing naked skin...and then seeing my dad sitting there watching it like he'd never seen titties and ass before)

hold up dude...i don't want to have this conversation with you (re: dad's fascination with 'the l word' and his sudden desire to discuss that show with me)

i hope you're not sporting a chubby right now talking to me about this (re: ten minutes into conversation about 'the l word')

i will not look! i will NOT look! I WILL NOT LOOK! (re: checking dad's crotch cuz really, he was getting just a bit hype over his love for that show and i was getting totally grossed out at him being so hype over it...and talking to ME about it.)

i swear but parents should be banned from discussing anything of a sexual nature with their kids, no matter HOW old the kids are (re: nine minutes later when this man was STILL discussing 'the l word')

FUCKING *WHEW* (re: he let me lead him away from that topic with discussion on the final four match ups)

man, FUCK you tarheels (a minute later when i remembered my team lost...after being up by ten with seven minutes to play)