Monday, September 11, 2006

meme monday?

time for another meme. i finally decided to do it after reading roycedaughter's entry. she is really one of my favorite bloggers. her writing is just delectable!

1) Full Name: nika tene (and don't you go calling me that damnit)

2) Name Backwards: enet akin

3) Were you named after anyone? no

4) Does your name mean anything? beauty and grace

5) Nick Name(s): nikki

6) Screen Name(s): iniquitous_lyric on msn, naturalblaquegal on aim, sensual_rhythm on yahoo

7) Date Of Birth: 8/1

8) Place of Birth: brooklyn, ny

9) Nationality: blackity black, the other shit is wack

10) Current Location: atl, gawga, what'll it do faw ya

11) Sign: leo (as if there's any other)

12) Religion: the one that believes in a higher being but isn't dogmatic and respects the differing beliefs of others

13) Height: 5'6

14) Skin color: caramel after puckering up with the sun

15) Shoe Size: 11 (and you know what they say about women with big feet........"uh, that heffa got some big ass feet!")

16) Hair colour: varying degrees of brown

17) Eye colour: brown (see a theme here?)

18) What do you look like? surely you know by now. oh, and my shits are real.

19) Innie or Outie? innie

20) Right, Lefty, or Ambidextrous? lefty, although my daddy tried to change me to a righty cuz he recognized the oppression left-handed folk suffer at the hands of you righty bastids, namely having to work on desks designed for right-handed folk only and let's not EVEN discuss SCISSORS.

21) Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other? straight, but i slept with a woman once so i guess that makes me straight with a hiccup.

22) Best friend(s): lateef, candice, jermaine, antoine, taiwo, tamica, dex

23) Best friend you trust the most: lateef

24) Best friends {your sex}: come on...

25) Best friends of the opposite sex: again, come on...

26) Best Bud(s): the last three questions have been ridiculously redundant

27) Boyfriend / Girlfriend: hehehe

28) Crush: no doubt

29) Parent(s): love 'em to life

30) Worst Enemy: i won't name 'em cuz i won't claim 'em

31) Favorite on-line Guy(s): short list: jerome, amadeo, west, david, mike, verse, hassan, olawunmi, will, rell, king, noise

32) Favorite on-line Girl(s): short list: scarlett rae, blah, royce, trizzy, bkdiva, choklit, stilt, sowise, honeylibra, sanelee, gp, sophia (cuz i actually talk to these sistas outside of the blog)

33) Funniest friend: jerome. that guy can make a rock laugh.

34) Craziest friend: candice. she's down for WHATEVER.

35) Advice Friend: lateef and jerome

36) Loudest Friend: me? LOL

37) Person you cry with: jerome most recently

Do You Have...
38) Any sisters: in spirit, no doubt.

39) Any brothers: one. lateef. my heart.

40) Any pets: uh, jerome? LMAO

41) A Disease: some shit my doc told me last week that i can't spell.

42) A Pager: i can turn my own pages damnit

43) A Personal phone line: only for the ones who know where i live

44) A Cell phone: yeah, although it's hardly ever on or on me for that matter (stop cussing me out about that shit.)

45) A Lava lamp: it looks like cum in liquid.

46) A Pool or hot tub: of semen? can i submit a request for that? wait, that sounds kinda nasty...

47) A Car: yup

Describe Your...

48) Personality: compassionate, sincere, loyal, honest, obstinent, opinionated, introspective, spiritual, challenging, creative, affectionate, loving, sarcastic, procrastinating

49) Driving: fast and loose (but i use my turn signals)

50) Car or one you want: i drive a honda cr-v now, i want one of those l.exus hardtop convertibles though.

51) Room: ugh. it's a fucking MESS.

52) What’s missing? intimacy, but that'll be rectified before long no doubt

53) School: not this semester. LONG ASS STORY. argh!

54) Bed: king

55) Relationship with your parent(s): loving with hints of despair

56) Believe in yourself: not nearly as much as others do

57) Do you believe in love at first sight? i think it's possible to fall in love with an image at first sight. for example, i can look at a brotha who's attractive and add all the attributes i want to him that'll make him worth loving, but that ain't the real him, just a fabrication of what i want. frankly, i can't love him until after i've tilled his mind.

58) Consider yourself a good listener: i'm a bit below average, but i'm working on being even better at it.

59) Sleep in PJs: no

60) Get Along with your parents: why are there so many damn redundant questions in this damn meme?!?

61) Save your e-mail conversations: every last one of them until the person pisses me off, then i delete every last one of them except for the one reminding me of why i cut their asses off in the first place.

62) Pray: more than i realized.

63) Believe in reincarnation: yup. anything's possible as far as i'm concerned.

64) Like to make fun of people: no, cuz everybody has their own light, even if i'm not fond of the hue of the bulb, they all have a right to shine. i reserve the right to make a sarcastic comment if you've done some shit you know is foul though.

65) Like to talk on the phone: depends, but for the most part, nah. i prefer the kind of conversation where eye contact is required. phone talk is mostly bogus.

66) Like to eat: yup. DUH.

67) Like to drive: very much. planning to do a cross-country drive in next summer.

68) Get motion sickness: every now and again.

69) Eat the stems of broccoli: yeah

70) Eat Chicken fingers with a fork: hell nah. they call it chicken FINGERS for a damn reason.

71) Dream in colour: yes, cuz i can't fuck in black and white unless i'm black and he's white which technically makes me more of a brown and him a pinkish tint.

72) Type with your fingers on home row: that's the way i was taught, so yeah.

73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: no. those things be feeling a sista up. i ain't down with that shit.

What is...

74) Right next to you: a bunch of sympathy cards and a stack of neglected work

75) On the walls of your room: paint?

76) On your mouse pad: green lycra

77) Your dream car: i don't dream of cars. that's booshit to me.

78) Your dream date: me and him in a tub full of water and bubbles surrounded by candles somewhere in the mountains

79) Your dream honeymoon spot: on top of him. shit, that's the only thing that matters about a honeymoon, folk.

80) Your dream husband/wife: one who shows me that he knows me, grows me and flows through me and every now and again 'whoa's' me

81) Your bedtime: 1 a.m.

82) Under your bed: carpet, cuz that shit's on the floor

83) The single most important question: will i ever be truly happy?

84) Your bad time of the day: man...i don't really have a bad time of day.

85) Your worst fear(s): losing my brother

86) The weather you like: mid 70's, sunny, with a breeze

87) The time? 11:48 a.m.

88) The date? September 11, 2006

89) The best trick you ever played on someone: when i told him he had a big dick. hold up, that's the cruelest trick...wait, does a lie qualify as a trick?

90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: liverwurst on saltine crackers. that is the SHIT.

91) Theme Song: 'show me', by jill scott

92) The hardest thing about growing up: growing apart

93) Your funniest experience: that time, in band camp when i uh...yeah...

94) Your scariest moment: any time i get a call too early in the morning for it to be anything else but bad news. most times it ain't.

95) The silliest thing you've done: this meme?

96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex? entered a big booty contest. yes, i won...on BOTH fronts...

97) The scariest thing that's ever happened while with your friend(s): being shot at. one of us was struck and killed.

98) The best feeling in the world: being in love and making a difference in the lives of others

99) The worst feeling in the world: losing someone i love and feeling helpless to rid others of their burden and/or grief