Friday, September 16, 2005

happy birthday david!

despite all efforts to succeed, my camera was determined to fail me in my attenpt to get at least one non-blurry photo before the week was out. last night i stopped by a local restaurant for drinks with a couple of friends to celebrate a birthday. david is now twenty-seven and almost stress-free. i had expected more folks to join us, but it ended up being rather small. i think david felt bad because many of his friends didn't come, although he has learned from the stress management course he's taking not to get stressed about it. he kept talking about this stress management class for about thirty minutes, with each third phrase being "i'm learning not to stress out about it, though."

in other words, he has now learned how to stress EVERYONE ELSE out. i told him if he said the phrase one more time, if he uttered the word "stress" just one more time, if the brotha even so much as uses a word that RHYMES with "stress", i was gonna kick his ass. his girlfriend kiana was grateful i said something, although she had been hinting at that same sentiment. the only difference is that i got candid with it. only the threat of bodily harm would have stopped david from continuing on about that damn stress-management class.