Friday, October 28, 2005

if you're a female athlete, watch out...cuz it probably means you're gay.

so i'm talking to dex last night about sheryl swoopes announcing she's a lesbian and he tells me he's not surprised cuz most of the women in the wnba are gay.


so after i looked at him like that was perhaps the most ignant statement he's made in at least a month, i say to him "you've gotta be kidding me." i think he realized he'd have to strengthen his argument before he tried responding, so he didn't say anything.

but i know he's not alone in that way of thinking. i've already read a few opinions regarding this very issue and many are of the mindset that women athletes are expected to be gay. in fact, that's just the way of things. in other words, if you're a female athlete, the odds are high that you're also gay. wow. i'm glad that's all cleared up. it's so wonderful to know that all those years i played basketball and softball while dreaming of naked men, i was just sexually confused. all those times i visualized sticking my hands down a guy's pants, i was suffering from some kind of malady that had me thinking perhaps i was heterosexual.

in actuality, i was just a gay woman trapped in a heterosexual woman's body. while my brain and body sought out men, evidently the athlete gene in me was seeking out women.

now that we've got that straightened out, let's get serious.

i've made my opinion about it known here

it's a pretty good discussion regarding the matter. in fact, most of the discussions there are insightful and thought provoking, so you should check it out.

in the meanwhile, i'm gonna go and delete all my heterosexual porn.