Thursday, June 23, 2005

this day has started off pretty damn awfully...

it started with me oversleeping. this after i actually got to bed last night before 11 p.m. i heard the alarm go off this morning, but i shut it up knowing that i always wake up about ten minutes later. well, that didn't happen today. i woke up fifteen minutes before i was supposed to be at work. so i get to work about ten minutes late.

i get in to the office and my boss tells me he wants to talk to me after i get settled. by the time we meet up, i'm tense because i know he's gonna address the late issue. well, the meeting sucked. not only does he get on my ass about being late today (when the last time i was late was over a month ago. OVER A MONTH AGO), he proceeds to talk about the fact that i didn't have some documents ready for a seminar that took place yesterday. meanwhile, i was forced to take yesterday off because i had worked on a saturday a couple of weeks ago, so i couldn't be there. the documents were still ready, nobody even bothered to look in my office next to my desk. i told him this. then he says i was supposed to be at the seminar to help out. i reminded him i COULDN'T be at the fucking seminar because HE TOLD ME i had to take off yesterday.

do you see where this is going? it was like no matter what i told him to explain the situation, he found something else to bitch about. it was like he HAD to find some way to justify the meeting and him getting in my ass. i told him he needed to sit back and rationally think about what he's mad about regarding my performance because it appeared he was pissed off more than he should have been, given what i've brought to the fucking group. he didn't say anything to that.

it's times like this when i hate my job. REALLY hate it. i have routinely gone above and beyond what's expected of me and nobody ever says shit about that. meanwhile, as soon as one miscommunication occurs, i've got to meet with my boss.

i have to keep reminding myself that they're paying for my education and that in the end, this will all be worth it. they're gonna pay for my education until i get my fucking ph.d. then i'm gonna cuss every last one of those bastards out.