Sunday, January 02, 2005


no, although this would have been a good choice right here.


WHOA NELLY! he wasn't moving quite THAT fast folk. LOL


nice little double entendre, but i think he's more obvious than that.

Saturday, January 01, 2005


what? this ain't no fucking romance novel people...


nah, although i damn near fell asleep with my eyes closed like that.


"i'll be there in five minutes then."

we hung up and i looked around my office to make sure i had my stacks of work ready for when i got back from lunch. i rarely take lunch cuz i always end up with niggeritis and end up getting little work done afterwards but this was a free lunch and i wasn't about to say no to that. i went to the bathroom to freshen up. i brushed my teeth, twisted my locs into an up do, and walked back to my office where i grabbed my purse and headed downstairs to the front where he was to meet me. he wasn't yet there, so i sat down and allowed the sun to lick my skin with warm strokes, tipping my face up in its direction, my eyes closed against its brightness. a minute later i opened my eyes and...

a. he wasn't there yet. i sighed and closed my eyes again.

b. saw a beat up camry pulling up in front of me. beat up? that CAN'T be right...

c. he was standing there in front of me, the gaze from his eyes replacing the suns tongue as it glided thoroughly across my skin.


you must really think i'm a fucking punk, huh?




come on! what dude admits to that kind of thing?